Stress analysis simulation to determine glass bottles failure

That the glass thickness and distributions are paramount for a glass container is a statement that comes without question. But most probably we’ve found situations where a container is within the specifications and still breakages occur. This article will explore a real case situation, where it was requested to Empakglass to evaluate the design of a 750ml bottle, which has a consistent glass thickness and distribution and nevertheless, breakages did occur when internal pressure load was applied. For the simulations presented on this article, the Empakglass Forming Software was used (Empaktor Suite). The method applied by Empakglass consisted on the following: The client provided the current

When less glass wall thickness becomes a solution

It isn’t the most common issue to find in a glass plant. However for niche markets - where the same bottle or jar is produced in different colors, this becomes something to have in consideration technical wise. The end results will be significantly different and commercial wise has implications when budgeting the costs of a production. On this article we will show a practical case, where for the same mold design, very different results were achieved in terms of glass distribution. Glass distribution is, without debate, the most important contributor for the integrity of any glass container. The simulations here shown were made using Empakglass’s Forming Software. Glass color in terms of phy

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