The will and the way

“Where there is a will there is a way” In one – or more … - of my previous posts I have mentioned that I think that what really makes the difference in a glass container plant – or in any organization for that matter - it is not so much technology but people. I know…I almost can see the smile in your face…That’s what everybody else says! From the biggest multinational group to the smallest of the family owned producer everyone seems to have embraced this motto. In fact, written – explicitly or implicitly - in the company mission and/or in its vision statements and displayed in the shop floor in BIG letters, we see it everywhere: “People are our most valuable resource”. But do they really mea

The art of follow up in glass container Quality Control.

Human manual inspections are an important part of the Quality Control plan in a glass container plant. In the Hot End that type of inspection is performed with some limitations since at that process stage the glass container is not completely formed. By the other hand, the advantage in performing it at that moment is that the operator who inspects can immediately act on the process and undertake the appropriate corrections. On the contrary, at the Cold End the inspection can be complete and thorough. The glass container is finished and can be handled securely. But once detected, the operator is not able to correct the defect. Its task is to give feedback to the ones who can do it. In fact,

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