Let’s talk about something that it is not controversial!

And then, there are those things that are not controversial (confused with this beginning? Please check my previous post). Those things that everyone agrees upon. Those topics that generate a broad consensus. In a glass container plant, one of those – rare… - subject’s, concerns Critical Defects. The definition of critical defect does not leave any doubt: “defects that could or are likely to result in hazardous or unsafe conditions for individuals using the glass container or be injurious to their health, under normal conditions of use as defined between the glass manufacturer and the filler.” Or in other words: “A defective condition on the bottle (or jar) which can/may cause physical injur

Let’s talk about something controversial!

You know… There are those subjects that when come up during a conversation between friends are bound to give much discussion. I would say that: politics, religion and sports are perhaps among those subjects that frequently have the effect of stir up the spirits. In a glass container plant there is one particular matter that has a similar effect (OK! Among others…) And that concerns visual or cosmetic defects. Or more precisely the actions or procedures to take when there is the detection of such type of defects. To put the question in very candid terms usually the discussion turns around: if detected we should reject or not such type of defects. After all, the glass producer is “tolerated” t

Mould Number Reader (MNR) = Basic Tool for Quality Control

Personally I am not a fan of DIY jobs. In fact I try to avoid them at all costs. I prefer to pay to professionals who – for sure – can do the task much better than I will ever be able to. It is a question of personal taste and also much clumsiness. But from time to time there comes the occasional emergency where I have to get my hands dirty. In those rare occasions one thing that I have found at my own cost is that there is always the right tool for the task at hand. If you try to use the not-so-OK- but- I- think-it-will-work-tool usually things won’t work. Or perhaps they do, but it will cost you double of the effort and the final result will not be perfect. Unless you are Portuguese…We pro

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