Cold End and Quality Control seminar @ Drujba Glassworks, Bulgaria

Empakglass conducted a training seminar on Cold End and Quality Control in Plovdiv, Bulgaria at Drujba Glassworks S.A. glass plant.

The training seminar was conducted between the 8th and the 18th of February to four different training groups in a total of 88 people.

The attendees came mainly from the Cold End and Quality areas including the Quality Laboratory of the Plovdiv plant. In each session a group of people from the sister plant of Sofia was also present.

These four sessions provided Drujba personnel with broad ranging topics including: a review of glass properties and breakage mechanisms, a manufacturing process overview, surface coatings, quality assurance in a glass plant, inspection procedures for the Cold End, automatic inspection, quality laboratory tests, job changes in the Cold End and food safety.

The attendees gave feedback that the training was valuable and that were ready to apply what they learned immediately.

Empakglass offers the majority of the trainings at a location of customer choice and can customize a seminar for customer unique needs whether it relates to Mould Design, Batch and Furnace, Glass Conditioning, IS Production, Cold End and Quality Control.

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