2016 Mould Design / Product Development Workshop - by Empakglass

From the 8th to the 12th of August the beautiful city of Lisbon was home of another successful Mould design/Product Development Workshop. Pedro Pontes, has conducted this 5 day training workshop. The participants learned the current common product / parison / mould design development rules and technologies used within the mould design / production workflow.

This seminar was attended with participants from such different places as: Czech Republic (Sklárny Moravia as), Iran (Takestan Packaging Glass), Switzerland (Nestlé), South Africa (Consol Glass), United Kingdom (Ardagh Group), Spain (Estal Packaging). This multicultural set-up was much appreciated since it gave the opportunity to exchange experiences within people from different glass container plants within the same - or related - field of work and even from different backgrounds, like Glass container fillers, distributors and producers.

Like last year edition, during the workshop the participants also had the opportunity to enjoy a tuk-tuk Lisbon city tour followed by a dinner in which they could also experience Portuguese culture and food.

Needless to say that this social event was very popular among all seminar participants. We are sure that they took with them some good memories of Lisbon city.

The very positive feedback from our customers and our own assessment of the workshops course is a motivation to proceed with such events in a near future.

See you in Lisbon 2017!

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