Product Development & Mould Design Webinar in December 2020

We closed 2020, with another Product Development & Mould Design Webinar, in partnership with Emhart Glass.

In terms of content, this webinar brought a much wider know-how basis onto the class, and not just the usual themes that would be expected to be discussed on a Mould Design training.

Subjects like the importance of each glass composition and colour, the filling line and transport conditions, the product inside the glass container, gob temperature and delivery, IS timing, always backed up with practical examples, set the key points while developing a container, its parison and the mould equipment.

By combining our CFD and FEA analysis in PAKFORMING & PAKTOOLS, our internal develop software packages, as well as real life data gathering from IR cameras, we explored extensive practical cases, including the already famous "Test our software" example!

This has been the 4th Product Development & Mould Design Webinar we did since 2019, we have been really pushing the envelope and having a blast, while making this a very feasible and robust alternative to the onsite trainings as well as the Lisbon Open Seminars.

In particular, to the participants from Zignago Vetro Spa, our deep appreciation for their intense and passionate interaction as well as feedback, which will allow us to forward improve the way we conduct this and other webinars.

We are looking forward to the upcoming webinars in 2021!

Hélder Remédios - COO & Partner Empakglass

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