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Empakglass is an engineering company with its main focus on glass packaging.

That is why its mission is to help to develop the global glass markets to become stronger and more competitive. Competitiveness is strongly associated with costs, but not only. There are other important business-KPI´s which can create success, or not.
In our globalized world of today  we see a rising importance of global quality standards, time-to-market, OTIF, carbon footprint,....
Global concentration in all levels from raw materials, equipments for manufacturing, in the whole chain from a packaging production to filling demands higher performance levels. A bottle designed in Spain, produced in Tunisia, decorated in China, filled in Mexico and sold in the US, a typical situation today. OTIF, DRIFT,… a global supply chain needs professional glass producers.
The demands of the modern industry are changing rapidly.

EmpakGlass wants to support its customers to gain and keep a leading position in the global glass markets.

EmpakGlass wants its customers to lead.


Strategy and Markets solutions for glass container
Reinhard Boettger
Strategy & Markets

"Strategy, markets, customers, investments, technical adaptations, profitability analysis, all linked, have you ever seen this before?"

Batch & Furnace solutions for glass containers
Hélder Remédios
Batch & Furnace

"The best way to synthetize a good Batch & Furnace operation is by keeping its low profile in the everyday overall operation, by being sure that it is fully supporting the Hot End operation."

Product development / mold design solutions for glass containers
Pedro Pontes
Product development & Mould equipment design

"Most businesses today have to commit towards their customers with fast response and good quality (OTIF - on time in full delivery). In order to bridge the gap between concept and production, the use of technology is perhaps the most powerful tool to get the job done."

Product development / mold design solutions for glass containers
Elisabete Claudino
Mould equipment design

"The DRIFT (do it right first time) and OTIF (on time in full delivery) approaches are our priorities."

Mould shop repair and mantenance solutions for glass container
António Ventura
Mouldshop maintenance

"The Mouldshop Department is conceptually speaking, the main supplier and an extension of the IS Production.

...the Mould Shop Department should be considered a Self-Sufficient Operational Unit, and when compared with an equivalent outsourced operation, must have a lower cost and therefore justify its existence..."

Is Production and mantenance support for glass containers
IS Production & Maintenance

"The IS Production is the Cornerstone where everything materializes.

All spotlights are on us!" 

Quality control and inspection solutions for glass containers
João Santos
Quality control & Inspection

"The modern Quality philosophy within glass container manufacturing must incorporate a “right first time” attitude."

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