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Market strategy solutions for glass container industry
Reinhard Boettger
Strategy & Markets

"Strategy, markets, customers, investments, technical adaptations, profitability analysis, all linked, have you ever seen this before?"

Quite a unique offer - Strategy consulting and new markets support linked with technical solutions for Glass Industry.


This is a true, complete pack.


It is not important who is first, the egg or the chicken.

You can drive from investment needs and we help you to get the markets, or you define with us new market strategies and we support your technical adaptations.

But it is not “just” strategy, SWOT´s and competitors. It is also about important data you'll need to run your business in an efficient and profitable way.


Many companies (as well outside our industry) are struggling with their profitability analysis of models, production-lines, job-change costs, optimal lot-size,…

We are helping you with smart calculation tools, to help you identify your winners and losers products, compare different production lines, segments, explore target pricing and much more.

This is not rocket science, but we know from our own experience how difficult it can get day-by-day.

And here we speak of big numbers in company results.

Our support packages can be described in three main categories:

Empakglass SWOT analysis
  1. Collection and analysis of basic existing and targeted commercial strategy and potential new options;

  2. Collection and analysis of production, markets and product details, SWOT analysis including main competitors (input from client, data collection method to be discussed);

  3. Discussion of key findings of so compared to 5YP (customer types, glass markets, standard vs exclusive models and much more).

Profitability studies for glass industry
  1. Collection of data (glass-models, efficiency, start-up data, job-change, line speed, mould costs and operation, financial costs, warehousing costs, net exw-prices);

  2. Calculation of results by glass model, production line and production lots;

  3. Presentation and explanation of results (profitability relation of all glass models analyses, winner and losers, average profitability by production line), economically optimized production line length, detection of slow speed models/ productions, pb vs bb, support for future target market pricing.

Marketing solutions for glass industry
  1. Identification of new target markets (Regions, products and customer types);

  2. Calculation of profitability (if done with strategy package 2);

  3. Implications for glass production (furnace, machines, batch, cold-end, quality control,..);

  4. Glass models to be developed;

  5. Potential new customers evaluation;

  6. Presentation of new products in the market (Catalogue, 3D rendering,…).

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