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bottle design, mold design support, stress analysis
Pedro Pontes
Product development

"Most businesses today have to commit towards their customers with fast response and good quality (OTIF - on time in full delivery). In order to bridge the gap between concept and production, the use of technology is perhaps the most powerful tool to get the job done."

The EmpakGlass's Mould Design Department uses the latest FEA technology to help filers, distributors and glass plants, in their quest to develop the most optimized container in terms of design and physical characteristics, for a determined filling line speed and end-customer requirements.

By implementing this technology and Know-how on a very early stage, EmpakGlass avoids the traditional trial and error approach.

These studies are performed to highlight all the critical design features that can compromise the container performance.

The achieved results can also be used in risk analysis studies, normally performed by the fillers, previously to the launch of a new product into the market.

Our support packages can be described in five main categories:

bottle design, mold design support, stress analysis, mold design training, forming simulation

"To which extend is my container resistant?"

  • By calculating the stress pass levels of a container when submitted to vertical loads, internal pressure and filling line impact, we will determine the container resistance and suggest design modifications to optimize its performance.


"Why is my container breaking?"

  • By assessing the causes for container load failures, we will guide you to determine the required actions to achieve a good quality standard.


"Is my light weighted container resistant enough for these specific loads?"

  • By using the latest FEA technology, we will help you reach a safe lightweight container.

bottle design, mold design support, stress analysis, mold design training, forming simulation
  1. Bridge the gap between marketing and final design solutions;

  2. Shorten the time between concept and first production run;

  3. Collaboration with some moulds manufacturers to speed up the development process of new products.

bottle design, mold design support, stress analysis, mold design training, forming simulation
  1. Support marketing for realistic images using the 3D rendering technology;

  2. Develop professional looking catalogs and websites.

bottle design, mold design support, stress analysis, mold design training, forming simulation
  1. Today's competitive pressures require companies to take advantage of every tool at their disposal.

  2. Process simulation is unquestionably instrumental in cost, quality and delivery improvements.

  3. In order to help the industry on this quest, Empakglass has developed the “EmpakTOR Suite”.

  4. The EmpakTOR Suite is an engineering software that enables designers to analyse glass containers forming and comprehend their mechanical behaviour when submitted to both static and dynamic loads.

  5. This way the user is able to simulate the production processes on a computer rather than return to the traditional shop floor trial and error approach.

  6. The EmpakTOR Suite has proven itself to be extremely effective in a wide range of distinct round container shapes.

  7. It covers all production processes and uses the exact customer glass composition.

  8. The EmpakTOR Suite is currently only available for consulting, training and contract simulation on a project basis. 

bottle design, mold design support, stress analysis, mold design training

In EmpakGlass we believe knowledge only has value, if used and shared.

Based on this principle, we have developed the most complete Mold Design /Product Development Training available for the industry, covering:

  1. Product development - understand the containers usage specification, and establish the correct design to improve/optimize line performance;

  2. Production process definition;

  3. Parison design rules;

  4. Mold Equipment Interface - understand the machine limits, and choose the correct assembly;

  5. Mold Cooling Technologies - Radial, Axial...

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