Innovative performance solutions, not just consulting

Consulting is a service which can include many things.
"EmpakGlass sees itself as a solution provider"
So what does this all mean?
A typical example to demonstrate that is the Mould design.
The industry standard is to perform technical developments based on a trial & error approach. The customer has to take his own conclusions/actions and repeat as necessary until he gets the final validation.
EmpakGlass standard is to study the specific conditions of each plant/furnace/glass with a given mould design, make several realistic forming simulations and propose the best solution including all manufacturing parameters, and if requested be also on site during trials/productions.
Yes, you will have to invest more money, but the cost savings can be enormous.
In difficult models, we often see cost savings of 10 times the investment made. 

Growth of global business complexity, plus costs, environmental and innovation pressure, are making things more difficult every day.

Glass has many vital competing materials, well prepared for the global supply chain demands of today.

But Glass is not just maintaining its position in key markets, but gained new ones like olive oil.

However, success is not to relax, it’s to get even stronger.


Our typical customer base, is not so typical for a “Glass consulting company”. Due to our integrated approach combining technical with commercial solutions, we have customers in the whole supply chain:

• Glass producers in larger technical and/or commercial evolution;

• Multinational brands (glass fillers);

• Glass distributors (glass sellers);

• Hard & Software suppliers of the glass industry (IS-machines, furnaces, mould makers, designers,…).



Working with different customer types, being part of a global supply chain, is already challenging.

To run an integrated support project with different customer types at the same time represents a much higher professional level. EmpakGlass can offer this unique concept.

We believe we are the only company offering that.

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