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“Hop-ON / Hop-OFF“


Empakglass Hop-On / Hop Off Services

The typical entry point in our service packages is mould design

Complicated new models, challenging designs, production process with limited experience,… there are several issues.


In the process of solving these issues we might end with the solution, or we identify more linked areas for potential improvements. Then it is up to the customer to enlarge the focus and include other areas like glass colours, glass composition, moulds, market demands, strategy,…

EmpakGlass offers a round trip touching all areas, but the customer decides what part of his way he wants to go with us. We show him potential links, but our customers are deciding.   

Following our fully integrated approach, we are offering commercial/strategic and technical support. 

The strategy-part features basic strategy, markets, new products and costing systems.

The technical part focuses on batch & furnace, manufacturing with a special view on mould equipment, mould design and quality systems.

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