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Hélder Remédios
Batch & Furnace

"The best way to synthetize a good B&F operation is by keeping its low profile in the everyday overall operation, by being sure that it is fully supporting the Hot End operation."

Although not as visible as the IS Production and Glass Mould Design departments, when we take in consideration the global process to produce glass, the Batch & Furnaces Operation becomes paramount.


Due to the specificity of this particular step in the glass production process (both in terms of raw materials, energy consumption and installation amortizations), it is the major contributor to the total specific cost of a glass container, making it decisive when talking about a Glass Plant competitiveness, or not, on a specific target market, that will also change during the period of a furnace full campaign (usually around a decade).

Taking that into consideration, Empakglass’s B&F Department provides to its partners a technical support that ranges from the initial installation project, passing to the everyday operation.

Our goal is to produce glass at the lowest possible cost, with the required glass quality in order to maximize both the installation lifetime as well as the IS Production efficiencies.

That is why we prepare and help our partners to analyse consistently and improve the furnace operation as well as pushing for a permanent maintenance and repair of the installation.

Our support packages can be described in five main categories:

batch and furnace installation support

We assist the client, according to his requirements, on the type and design of installations required, namely Batch Installation, Furnace, Working End and Forehearths as well as its  support equipment like transformers, ventilation, etc.

Furnace operation support - energy saving

On an already running installation, initially an audit is made and determined if the current glass composition being used is both economical and suited for the product mix of the Company as well the furnace operation. 

Also in this category, we give a big focus on the training of the teams that handle the Furnace every day.

The objective is clear: maximize furnace lifetime and reduce the energy consumption.

This is achieved through consistent standardization of the operation as well as on the furnace inspection and maintenance.

Furnace operation support - energy saving

One thing that is common worldwide, the energy costs are not cheap and the only thing we can expect, is the constant cost increase.

Taking that into consideration, though very low or no investments, in many cases, several improvements can be implemented in the furnace operation which can result in the energy reduction required to produce the same amount of glass, in the same conditions or even increasing the furnace output.

07-Sep-16 12-58-55 PM.jpg

Understanding the chemistry of glass production as well as why the installations are built in a certain way, is the best way for the teams in a glass plant, to have a starting point and background on how to operate such equipment.

The objective of the training program is exactly to provide to our partners the maximum of knowledge to allow them to become fully independent on everyday running operation in a B&F installation.

Batch and furnace software

With a day to day operation experience in running batch & furnaces, Empakglass has developed a range of software packages which enable the user with better decision making tools covering:

  1. Batch & glass properties simulator;

  2. Furnace operation simulator;

  3. Working end & forehearth simulator.

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