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Mold shop support, mold repair support
António Ventura
Mouldshop maintenance

"The Mouldshop Department is conceptually speaking, the main supplier and an extension of the IS Production.

...the Mould Shop Department should be considered a Self-Sufficient Operational Unit, and when compared with an equivalent outsourced operation, must have a lower cost and therefore justify its existence..."

For an IS machine to run properly, requires the molding components to be dimensional and physically in accordance with the Glass Mold Design specifications.

In the real world, nothing lasts forever and the same applies to all molding components. Based on this principle, the Mold Shop personnel are constantly required to assess and determine if the components are capable to be maintained in production.


Through the correlation of glass and the mold dimensions, as well as the use of good maintenance and organizational practices, the glass molds lifetime can be maximized, costs reduced and anticipation patterns can be achieved in order to reduce the probability of late acquisitions.


In Empakglass we embody the Glass Mold Shop Department as a Self-Sufficient Operational Unit, and when compared with an equivalent outsourced operation, must have a lower cost and therefore justify the existence of this Department.

Consequently, the financial management of this department, which has a very relevant weight percentage of the total specific cost of producing glass, must always be kept under scrutiny and also be a driving force for price reductions in mold acquisitions with the Glass Plant’s main mold suppliers.


Taking that into consideration, Empakglass’s Mold-shop Department provides to its partners a technical support that ranges from the installation project and layouts, passing to the everyday operation and also with a financial approach.

Our support packages can be described in four main categories:

Mold shop support, mold repair support, cnc support

We assist the client, on the type / design of required installations, as well as in the identification of the necessary required equipment to guarantee the everyday production operations.

Mold shop support, mold repair support
  1. On an already running installation, initially an audit is made and determined if the Mold Shop Methods and Procedures used in its daily operation are technically and economically efficient;

  2. Prepare the teams how to handle with the mold equipment on a daily basis;

  3. Maximize mold component lifetime, reduce the impact of problems in production, and reduce the cost percentage over every produced ton of glass.

Mold shop support, mold repair support, moldshop software

The introduction of Software for the analysis of the daily operation as well as a cost effective control tool, allows the Mold Shop Manager to have a clear picture of his operation. This also becomes a very effective tool for the KPI’s analysis.

Mold shop support, mold repair support

Understanding the reason why certain procedures must be made in the Mold Shop is the main goal of the training program. We provide our partners the maximum knowledge possible, allowing them full independence during the everyday running operation.

Topics like:

  • Standard Operation Procedures on Mold Repair and Maintenance;

  • Types of materials, castings, surface hardening;

  • Important dimensions and clearances for each molding components;

  • Establishing a correlation between the mold dimensions and the corresponding glass dimensions – Molding component lifespan;

are all covered by our training programs.

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