Empakglass at Embalvidro

From the 12th to the 22nd of November, Empakglass was at Embalvidro to give training in the Quality Control and Cold End areas. Embalvidro is a new greenfield container glass plant in Angola, based on the outskirts of the capital Luanda. It will produce beer bottles in amber and emerald green colors from a 180 ton/day furnace with 3 lines with 10 section double gob machines. The training program included the following topics: A detailed explanation of different glass container making process phases; Quality Assurance in a glass plant; Inspection procedures for the Cold End; Automatic inspection good practices; Quality laboratory testing procedures; Cold End job changes; Food safety and good

Empakglass at Vetreria Etrusca

As we are starting to approach the countdown to the end of 2019, and still we several assignments in hands, we just wanted to mention our latest assignment. Vetreria Etrusca, located in Altare, near Savona, Italy, invited Empakglass, after a Mould Design Training held in July, to deliver an IS Production and Quality Control training. Etrusca has several daily challenges, making in between 4 to 5 job changes per day, on a total of 7 lines, the articles that are produced are much more than trivial shapes. And produces in some lines 4 articles at the same time, with different weights. So, focusing from the glass conditioning, gob shape, delivery, IS settings and timing, in a very interactive a

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