Empakglass at Embalvidro

From the 12th to the 22nd of November, Empakglass was at Embalvidro to give training in the Quality Control and Cold End areas.

Embalvidro is a new greenfield container glass plant in Angola, based on the outskirts of the capital Luanda.

It will produce beer bottles in amber and emerald green colors from a 180 ton/day furnace with 3 lines with 10 section double gob machines.

The training program included the following topics:

  • A detailed explanation of different glass container making process phases;

  • Quality Assurance in a glass plant;

  • Inspection procedures for the Cold End;

  • Automatic inspection good practices;

  • Quality laboratory testing procedures;

  • Cold End job changes;

  • Food safety and good manufacturing practices;

The attendees of the training were from the Cold End and Quality Control areas and the goal of the training was to prepare them for the challenges lying ahead for the start-up of the plant.

The training included a theoretical explanation of the concepts and a practical part divided by the Quality Laboratory and production line. A lot of interesting questions came up and the interaction was always vivid.

The training attendees also had the chance to visit Embalvidro customer, Sodiba, located in Bom Jesus, Luanda area. There they could understand what the customer expectations and concerns are and to visit the lines where Embalvidro bottles will be filled. An excellent opportunity to get first hand customer feedback!

For Empakglass was really exciting to give our contribution to this greenfield project and to cooperate with Embalvidro Team.

All the best for the Start-up!

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