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Empakglass at AGI Glaspac

Empakglass was invited by AGI Glaspac to visit their Glass Plants, both in Hyderabad and



We really appreciated all the dedication from all the Departments to our suggestions and the level of interaction, to tackle the coming challenges.

Besides the usual practical approach that we like to have, we always want to have the science to back it up.

From the shopfloor teams, up to Mr. Shetty (President Operations and Technical) and Mr. Rrajesh Khosla (President & CEO) we found a wonderful reception to our views and ideas.

On a more personal note, our sincere appreciation for Mr. Ratna Bhushan's invitation and Mr. Satheesan's willingness to test our ideas!

We were also invited to place our signatures on the Environmental Pledge ...... what an honor for Empak!

Thank you very much for all the hospitality! Looking forward to see you soon!

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These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, that work directly or indirectly on the glass packaging industry.


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