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EMPAK and ENNIONSTUDIO and the upcoming 2024!

Well...that is it, Folks! Another year goes by!

2023 provided Empak and ENNION a new set of challenges!

We grew our team (once again....that it required us to have in fact three Christmas dinners!), we had more trainings than ever before and curiously several of them combining already different deparments inside a glass plant.

It is with a huge sense of pride and joy that we see the interaction in between our Bulgarian and Portuguese offices reaching a level of maturity with several projects made already in close partnership. And the best part, the sense of Team Spirit building up! How do we see it...well.... projects are running without requiring a micromanagement approach.

But did you know what although trainings are the most visible part of what Empak and ENNION do and is present on our Media Blogs, in fact that is a marginal part of our mission?

In fact our core is to develop glass container concepts from scratch and make them reach industrialization, in a fast pace by combining our conceptual design Know-how with our field work technical experience.

That is why what we do best is to bridge the gap in between fillers and glass plants! And we will continue to work on that sense to provide even a more holistic approach to our clients in 2024!

In a more personal note, the year ends with a very sad news, our esteemed friend and former BA GLASS colleague, José Silva Santos, a person with whom we have worked very closely first when in BA's Industrial Projects team and in the last few years already within Empak's, has passed away. We will be keeping very fond memories of all the joy and hapiness Silva Santo's could bring into a room!

This shows that even with the successes in our working life, everything comes into perspective when we are faced with these moments. We need to have Quality Time to spend with our loved ones and create good memories for the Future. As one of our IS colleagues used to say..."ENJOY LIFE!"

To all our current and former colleagues, our clients that continue to believe and challenge us, we can only say that we are looking forward to 2024, to be challenged and to help finding solutions to your projects!

Sincerely, Management Team, Empak & ENNIONSTUDIO

Would you like to know more?

Contact directly:

Portugal Office (Lisbon):

Phone: +351 218 079 529

Bulgaria Office (Plovdiv):

Phone: +359 898803090

India Office (Hyderabad):

Phone: (+91) 9440352525

Or for trainings:

If you need more detailed information on the fees, dates and target audience, contact Empakglass through: or

These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry and industries that also contact with glass as a packaging material.


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