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Empak NNPB Production Training with Carlsberg in Parkcam

Empak was challenged by Carlsberg Global Quality Team to develop a training for Carlsberg glass auditors focusing on NNPB Process.

The location couldn't be better for such training: ParkCam, in Turkey!

Parkcam is in our opinion one of the best glass plants nowadays, from housekeeping, to data analysis and process control. Also demonstrates how people are really the most important variable inside a glass plant!

As part of the challenge for Carlsberg glass auditors, with nacionalities ranging from UK, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, China, Greece, India, Poland, Azerbaijan and Denmark, Empak prepared a roadmap covering all the production process:

  • Batch & Furnaces

  • Forehearth operation

  • Mouldshop operation

  • Mould Design Basics

  • Correlating Mould Design, with IS Production settings

  • IS Production (From Timing, Automatic weight control, to mould rotation)

  • Inspection & Quality Control

  • Troubleshooting glass defects

Our deep thanks to Parkcam for hosting this wonderful training and their immense hospitality. It was wonderful to see old Friends once again!

And for Carlsberg Team and in particular @Olga Petukhova, for the huge vote of confidence in Empak's capacities and since the first moment to have shifted a "training" into a "Gathering" with a huge level of participation and engagement!


All Empakglass Team!

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These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry and industries that also contact with glass as a packaging material.


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