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IS Production training at Verallia Portugal

Just before entering Christmas and New Year Holiday Season, curiously the final onsite assignment of 2023 was in Portugal!

Empakglass IS Team led by Yordan Kamenov and Yordan Paskulov, from our Bulgarian Branch was invited by Verallia Portugal to perform an IS training, having as background the beautiful city of Figueira da Foz.

We were really surprised by the level of participation with nearly 70 attendees and for the first time ever, we had to translate a training into Portuguese!

Starting from the glass and its properties, then glass conditioning, proper gob loading and IS timing combined with a good mould design and mould maintenance, several simulations were demonstrated in BB, WMPB and NNPB.

Also, we had the possibility to use a training monossection and practiced several movements setups combining with swabbing techniques. Combining this with defect analysis, is definitely the way to improve efficiencies.

Our deep thanks to the participants which provided a huge level of passion and interest onto the subjects, something that truly makes IS Production such an important aspect on the Supply Chain of Container Glass Industry.

And also for having invited Empak Team to Verallia's Christmas Dinner! Was an Honour!

In the end, we had the chance to pass by Nazaré, to spot some big waves. Wasn't the best of the season, but already some quite respectful size waves!

We leave here a video with a few glimpses of some waves you may find there.

From ourside, we are looking forward to be challenged and continue to help finding solutions!

See you next time!


All Empakglass Team!

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