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Unlocking Opportunities: Empak starts new Office in Hyderabad, India

2024 has just begun and Empak is delighted to share this new news!

Hyderabad, a city situated in the heart of India known for its vibrant economy and burgeoning industrial landscape, provides a fertile ground to be an ideal location for launching our next office.

This will add and allow for better internal networking adding up to the locations of Lisbon, Portugal and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

This location has a business-friendly environment with a steadily rising demand for glass containers, central to many container glass manufacturing plants and consumers in India. And being a major economic hub will enable Empak to reach a larger customer base. It has also a huge amount of beautiful historical landmark.

Hyderabad is also home to a skilled and diverse workforce, with a strong emphasis on education and technical training. Using that basis, we will further develop the skills of our Empak India's team, to be able to bridge the gap in between fillers and glass producers, from container glass conceptual design up until industrialization.

Having that in consideration, meet Empak's India first colleague: Mahesh Rao! Mahesh is a Mechanical engineer with experience in Design and manufacturing domains has already completed our extensive internal training program and co worked with global teams towards the container glass packaging requirements.

Nagesh Bezawada, CEO of Empak India, with his solid Engineering and management background and with the full network of Empak's Technical Team has been working for the past many years in creating the road map for Empak India.

As we in Empak believe that even global businesses need a local touch, we felt it was the right moment to have this new endeavor! Now, start challenging us!

Sincerely, Management Team, Empak, Empak Bulgaria and Empak India

Would you like to know more?

Contact directly:

Portugal Office (Lisbon):

Phone: +351 218 079 529

Bulgaria Office (Plovdiv):

Phone: +359 898803090

India Office (Hyderabad):

Phone: (+91) 9440352525

Or for trainings:

If you need more detailed information on the fees, dates and target audience, contact Empakglass through: or

These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry and industries that also contact with glass as a packaging material.


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