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Empak/Emhart Mould Design Training in Hrastnik1860

Empak and Emhart held the first Product Development & Mould Design Training of 2024, this time in Hrastnik1860 Glass Plant, located in Slovenia.

Hrastnik1860 is a plant with a very particular type of product mix, highly challenging BB bottle shapes and an imperative focus on Glass Quality!

It is also a Glass Plant which is quite dear to Empak, as it was the plant on which we made our first ever project for Bacardi, in what was a true "proof by fire...and glass"!

Concepts like glass properties, IS timing and even the impact of glass conditioning, gob temperature and delivery system in order to develop the building blocks for a successful mould design were widely discussed.

As part of our tradition in these trainings, we invite the attendees to bring real case scenarios to challenge Empak's PAKForming Simulator and this time was no exception.

Our deep thanks to the participants from Hrastnik and Paracin for placing several technical challenges during this training something that truly makes Product Development and Mould Design such an important aspect on the Supply Chain of Container Glass Industry.

And also for their great Hospitality!

Finally, the "glitch of the visit", we took advantange of another Lufthansa strike, which gave us the time to visit for the first time Lubjana, Slovenia's capital. A lovely romantic city, extremely well organized and clean and very interesting to walk around, specially on the historical part!

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Zlatin and Hélder!


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