Mouldshop maintenance / CNC operation seminar @ Parkcam, Turkey

Empakglass conducted a training seminar on Mouldshop Operations & Maintenance in Parkcam, Turkey.

The training seminar was conducted between the 14th and the 18th of March and covered Bench, Convencional Lathe and CNC Lathe Machining.

CNC training

The attendees were from the Mouldshop team and the goal of the seminar was to discuss:

  • Best practices / methods and routines;

  • Quality control measurement and analysis;

  • Troubleshooting of defects related to mould equipment maintenance;

  • Process organization in the mouldshop maintenance;

  • Correlating glass dimensions with actual neckring dimensions and estimating lifetime.

The attendees indicated that the training was valuable, the discussions important for the Mouldshop Process and are ready to apply what they learned immediately.

Empakglass team really appreciated Parkam's Staff effort in making the training very dynamic and interesting.

Empakglass offers the majority of our training at a location of customer choice and can customize a seminar for customer unique needs whether it relates to Mould Design, Batch and Furnace, Glass Conditioning, IS Production & Maintenance, Cold End and Quality Control.

mould equipment repair

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