EmpakGlass @ Glasstec 2016

Like in the previous two events of Glasstec, Empakglass will be attending once again in 2016.

We are deeply excited with this event as it marks a new step on Empakglass's Business Model, which started as a Technical Services & Training Company. This year we will present several of our Glass Container Software Packages fully developed and trialed in “Real Life” working environments. The new leap forward is the integration of the actual Glass Composition physical and thermal properties, with real shaped gob and temperature profiles in our fully developed Forming Software - Empaktor Suite. With this, besides the support for the Mould Design teams, this tool provides the IS Production team, the required data in terms of:

  • Intended Cavity Rate;

  • Gob temperature;

  • Orifice ring and delivery system dimensions.

All this simulations are done for each individual container intended produce according to the actual glass composition used. Going a bit beyond this, we will also present our Glass Colour Changes Software, which was developed with the actual intent of supporting glass plants in consistently understanding the occurrences during all types of colour changes, predict issues and even to optimize them.

Besides the software, this event will mark a new joint-venture between Empakglass with ParmaControls/Can Need providing our Clients with a wider range of Quality Control and Cold End Equipment for the daily operations in the plant. We will be presenting in our stand the following testing equipment:

  • Bursting Pressure Tester (BPT-4000);

  • Vertical Load Tester (VLT-100);

  • Static Friction Angle Tester (SFAT-100);

  • Impact Tester (GIT-100);

  • Magnetic Bottle Thickness Gauge (MBT-200).

Besides the mentioned equipment we will be offering a complete range of industry standard test equipment at a very competitive price, providing a reliable and attractive alternative to current options.

We invite everyone to come to our Stand which will be located on Hall 13, D10, to meet and talk face to face with our several Specialists seeing what we have been doing and what we intend to introduce to the Industry!

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