Glass Compositions & Color Changes Software

Empakglass’s Software Division will present during Glasstec 2016, the Glass Compositions & Color Changes Software.

Developed in close junction with the Technical Services from Empakglass and tested in real case situations, its goal is, besides the obvious glass composition thermal and physical properties, to:

  • Determine the target gob temperatures (not just the Log 3.0) according to the weight, cavity rate, type of cooling system;

  • Suggest all the delivery system, from the orifice ring up until the deflectors;

  • Optimize and predict colour change patterns;

  • Pinpoint where the issues occur;

  • Keep it simple for the user.

As an example, on this particular colour change, which caused several sulphate blisters, by simulating the actual steps taken, it is possible to verify, where the problems start to arise and the reason for it. On this case, it is a combination between SO3/SO2 solubility in the glass with the specific REDOX of the colour change in the same timeframe.

By adjusting the previous steps, it is possible to predict and even to correct in a faster way such outcome and bring back the glass quality into the Acceptance Limits.

Other features available in this software is the integration of the actual Glass Composition physical and thermal properties, with the real gob temperature as well to provide the IS Production team, the required data in terms of:

  • Intended Cavity Rate, Gob temperature, Orifice ring and delivery system dimensions for the intended article to produce according to the actual glass composition used.

The thermal data simulated on this software, both in terms of conduction and radiation, for each particular glass composition in the IS production process thermal range, can also be used in other commercial Forming softwares available in the market. With this, you may tune up your simulation results in terms glass thickness profiles, prior to any real trial on the IS machine.

We invite everyone to pass by our Stand which will be located on Hall 13, D10, to talk face to face with our several Specialists and see what we have been doing and what we intend to introduce to the Industry.

Looking forward to meet you in Düsseldorf.

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