2017 Open training workshops - by Empakglass

"In EmpakGlass we believe knowledge only has value, if used and shared"

Lisbon 2017 Open training workshops

EmpakGlass is pleased to announce that our Open Training Workshops are once more available to all professionals of the glass packaging industry, but as well to professionals which want to deepen their know-how on this ancestor but still cutting edge material - GLASS.

Open training workshops are known to increase the diversity of opinion because everyone has the opportunity to share their insights in a relaxed, but still professional environment.

There is also an additional value to be gained with this type of training that many companies also overlook:
  • Meet and network with peers from other organisations;

  • Share knowledge with people from other companies;

  • Receive feedback from people of a similar seniority and experience level;

  • Small groups which means better 1-2-1 coaching;

  • Gain valuable insights from different industry sectors;

  • Learn powerful techniques.

This leads to greater retention of what’s been studied and helps build confidence in the newly acquired knowledge.
So now you can immediately start to improve your job skills, or your team skills, or your entire company skills, at the click of a mouse.

The 2017 Open Training Workshops will have 5 courses available.
Based on the past editions feedback and considering the obvious cross links between these two departments, for this year's edition we have decided to merge the Mold-shop Maintenance and the IS Production Training into one powerful training package.

Also considering several customer requests, this year we will have two seasons available, to better suit all the candidates availability to attend our seminars:

Season 1:

Season 2:

If you need more detailed information on the fees, dates and target audience, you can download our brochure here.

These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry.

The Glass Container Technology seminar is actually a plus for professionals working on the filling / designing & distribution business.

On the last 2 editions, we had the opportunity to welcome into our Workshops, participants from such different places as: USA, Taiwan, Slovenia, Morocco, Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Guatemala, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Italy, Kuwait, Portugal, Iran, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, South Africa and India.

Our experience so far, have taught us how much these event have been appreciated by all our attendees, since it gives the opportunity to exchange experiences within people from different glass container plants within the same (or related) field of work and even from different backgrounds, like glass fillers and glass producers.

Like in the two previous editions, the 2017 Open Training Workshops edition, will be held in Lisbon.

What better place than Lisbon to provide you with perfect relax after an intensive business day! We look forward to welcoming you again in Lisbon!

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