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Following its long term commitment to narrowing the gap between University and the Glass Plants, Empakglass challenged the 3rd year students of Materials Engineering in Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), one of the most prestigious European Universities, to a lecture on "Glass Container Technology".

The goal was to bring closer the reality of this industrial process and the application of Materials Engineering all across the process and who knows, to plant the seed for the future generation that will lead this Industry.

Although the students were from the 3rd year, we were quite amazed and satisfied with the level of interaction and the demanding questions that were posed to the lecture Presenters.

We are really looking forward for the next Lecture!

Would you like to know more about Empakglass? Check this year's two Seasons for the workshops:

The initial period is to be held between June-July and the second period between September-October.

Like the previous years, all attendees will also have the opportunity to visit Lisbon and enjoy all our City has to offer, during the best months of the year!

This year's Open Training Workshops will include:

  • Batch, furnace and glass conditioning training;

  • Mould design/product development training;

  • IS production & Mouldshop Performance Training;

  • Glass container technology training;

  • Quality control & cold end training.

You can also checkout our last year edition closure newsletter here. These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry. The Glass Container Technology seminar is actually a plus for professionals working on the filling / designing & distribution business. Check out all the training contents information here.

On the upcoming weeks we will inform all our customers on the final dates all the workshops will be held on the months mention above.

See you soon in Lisbon!

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