Empakglass launches Concept +

Since Empakglass started, its core has been bridging the gap between Marketing and Production in the Glass Container Industry, backed up on its technical know-how.

Around this main pillar, we've developed training programs and software packages to support our business.

Nevertheless, until now, there was one key aspect which we, at Empakglass, weren't yet addressing to our Clients: the complete package, from bottle concept design up until production.

Having perceived this gap in Empakglass's range of solutions, we introduce now: Concept +.

With this complete solution, our Customer base will reduce the normal entropy in the stages from the design development of a glass container up until its production stage, with all the consequent advantages in terms of time contraints, efficiency and cost reduction.

Our conceptualisation process involves three key stages which enable us to focus on the design objectives and produce innovative new pack designs to make your product stand out in the marketplace. Discovery Stage

In this stage, we find out as much as possible about the product, the brand identity, the client’s business, and the target market. This information feeds our design decisions so it is very important that we work closely with the client. After we have gathered all the information we need, we generate a creative brief that, in a couple of sentences, summarises the design objectives and what we need to deliver.

Initial Design Stage

Here we collate information from the ‘Discovery’ stage and produce a series of loose concept designs for consideration by the client. This is the time for creativity rather than pragmatism and we like to really let the ideas flow as we try to capture the essence of the brief.

Explaining what has inspired us and how we see the concepts developing forms an important part of the process.

Finalise Design Stage

Following discussion with the client we refine the designs while considering essential technical requirements. This process requires a careful balance between practicality and aesthetics. Taking client feedback into account we focus on one ‘winning’ design to progress to the final stage. Throughout the process we may use a combination of concept sketches, technical drawings, photo-real 3D rendered images or physical models and mock-ups to convey our ideas.

For the rest...well... it will be just picking from the design stage and shaping it into reality, which has been what we've done best.... so far.

Would you like to know more about Empakglass? Check our website at www.empakglass.com and find all the range of solutions we can provide in a Hop On/ Hop Off philosophy.

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