Laboratory equipment for Quality Control control of glass containers

Empakglass is an engineering company with its focus on glass packaging.

We provide to our customers – players from the whole supply chain, from manufacturers to fillers - commercial/strategic and technical support.

In 2016, to diversify our range of services, Empakglass established with Parmacontrols a partnership in the area of laboratory equipment for the quality control of glass containers.

Founded in 1992, Parmacontrols carries out its activities in the field of control systems for the food packaging, including: metal, glass and plastic packaging materials.

One of the brands distributed by Parmacontrols is CanNeed. CanNeed for many years has been a supplier in the field of laboratory instruments for quality control. It offers industry standard test equipment at a very competitive price, providing a reliable and attractive alternative.

The range of CanNeed equipment commercialized by Parmacontrols, which is specific for the glass container industry include: Internal Pressure Tester (BPT-4000), Vertical Load Tester (VLT-100), Tilt Table (SFAT-100), Pendulum Impact Tester (GIT-100) and Glass Thickness Gauges (MBT-200 and MBT-300).

Parmacontrols carries out not only the installation and after-sales service of each one of the CanNeed units but also, previously to installment, a thorough inspection of the equipment, which includes its CE marking.

As references of most recent Parmacontrols installations of CanNeed equipment, dedicated to glass packaging testing, we can mention:

May 2018 / July 2018:

- Zignago Vetro, Italy; -Decaglass, Belgium; -Vetrobalsamo, Italy;

-Gallo Vidro, Portugal;

From the 23rd to the 26th of October, Empakglass and Parmacontrols, will be presenting once again in the Glasstech exhibition, in Dusseldorf, CanNeed range of quality control testing equipment, dedicated to the glass container industry.

We invite everyone to came to our stand which will be located on Hall 13, booth A8, to meet and talk face to face with our several Specialists seeing what we have been doing and what we intend to introduce to the Industry.

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