Empakglass Lectures in NOVA University

Following the tradition from previous years, Empakglass was engaged once more in the Lectures on Glass Container technology.

This year we were invited by Vicarte -Glass and Ceramic for the Arts, a research unit born from the partnership between Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the Faculty of Fine Arts . NOVA University is famous for being the birth place of the paper transistor.

The research at VICARTE connects the present and the past, by developing new materials for glass and ceramics contemporary art, by studying the traditional and historical production practices and the exploration of different aesthetical concepts in art.

The goal was to bring closer the reality of this industrial process and the application of Materials Engineering all across the process and who knows, to plant the seed for the future generation that will lead this Industry.

These lectures were part of an Exhibition on Glass Container History from the 18th century in the vicinity of Lisbon, developed by Students and Professors on the Master Course in Conservation and Restauration of FCT NOVA.

We are really looking forward for next year's Lectures!

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