Mould Design BOOT CAMP

EMBALVIDRO, a Greenfield Container Glass Plant, located in Angola, challenged Empakglass's team to provide to its newly set Mould Design Department, the base know-how to become proeficient and independent while developing glass containers but also the necessary mould equipment.

In a Boot Camp logic, the team from Embalvidro was in Empakglass's HQ in Lisbon for three straight weeks, on which the know-how was built from the foundations, the basics in glass process up until subjects as diverse as "simulating" a conversation with a client proposing a bottle design and from there, using a CAD software, to develop the actual container, check the IS machine limits, most suitable production process, weight vs brimful capacity and finally extending from there up until the mould equipment drawings, the materials and parison development.

As a complement to the actual training, visits to Mould Equipment Facilities were made and also a Glass Production Facility, in order to provide an insightful vision of the actual process. Our deep thanks to NeckMolde, Metavil and Intermolde as well as Vidrexport, for letting us visit their production facilities.

We've even had the visit of our CEO, Pedro Pontes, which has been since 2018, in San Diego, USA.

Any greenfield project sucess's, as we know, depends directly on the set of skills, know-how and positive attittude from all the people involved, We wish Embalvidro all the success and the trust in Empakglass for supporting them on this journey.

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These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry.

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