Empak Bulgaria Ltd - new branch of Empakglass Ltd

Empak Bulgaria Ltd. is a part of Empakglass Group since 2021 and is located in Plovdiv.

The goal is to have the Hot End & Cold End technical teams centralized, providing a faster and better response time to our clients.

The range of solutions that Empak Bulgaria provides include:

•​Operations Management

•Batch & Furnace

•​Production troubleshooting

•Forming improvement

•Job change improvement

•Product developement

•Mould design

•Quality control & inspection

•Customer service

•Technical auditing (glass plant & filling lines)

For you to contact directly the local office of Empakglass in Bulgaria, please reach out on the following contacts:

Phone: +359 893 914 876

e-mail: office@empaksolutions.com


We are looking forward to be challenged and to help finding solutions to your projects!


Pedro Pontes, Hélder Remédios, Reinhard Boettger Management Team, Empakglass – Performance Solutions

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