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Empak/Emhart End to End Production Support

It isn't new that Empakglass has been working directly with Emhart in order to provide a "First Gob, First Bottle" approach, since 2012, by developing its product development and mould design.

During last week, Empakglass went one step forward with IS Production Engineer Yordan Paskulov which joined forces with Emhart Production team (IS production, quality, mechanical) on a combined project.

With the technical support of Dominique Vassaux and Alessandro Dogliotty from Emhart, forming simulations in different conditions and IS production settings were analyzed, namely:

  • Gob temperature;

  • Cavity Rate;

  • Mould equipment temperature range;

  • Orifice ring and delivery system;

  • IS timing;

The result was a mould design equipment that was provided real results extremely in sync with the simulations.

We definitely can see from the smiles in those faces, that even in harsh conditions like we find in front of an IS machine, methodical approach and scientific method are the key factors for a successful project outcome!

For the client, which we know already for years,and has been one of the first ones to trust Empakglass in terms of forming simulations and product development, our thanks once again for the vote of confidence and hospitality to our Team!


All Empakglass Team!

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