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Empak Glass Conditioning, Batch & Furnaces Training with New Glass in Bulgaria

Empak held in Novi Prazar, Bulgaria a Glass Conditioning, Batch & Furnaces training with New Glass SA.

New glass EAD is a part of the Greek group Hellenic glass industry and dedicates to the production of Tableware.

Starting with the building blocks of batch formulation, corresponding glass properties and interlinking it with production setting, by using Empak's Batch & Furnace Simulator (PAKTOOLS) several operational simulations were performed including color changes analysis.

It was very exciting to see a combination of skilled technical staff in partnership with a new generation eager to learn from the basics of glass making until the new technological approaches.

It was also extremely important to be able to look into more detail onto the Press Machines, H28 machines with Stretching for StemWare which is something we don't look often in Glass Container production, but it does provide a huge amount of transferable ideas in between these two branches of glass making!

As a final note, and although Empak is mostly known for working in IS machines, we do have also the set of skills on tableware production!

So, please challenge us also on that!

Finally and as part of Empak's tradition, we try as much as possible to visit local historical and emblematic locations. This time was no exception! For a foreigner as myself, the best possible description of the Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument is like visiting Cybertron. For a Fan of Transformers was an absolutely delightful experience!

See you next time!


All Empakglass Team!

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