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Empak Product Development Training with Zignago Vetro

Empak held in Lisbon, Portugal, a dedicated Product Development training for Zignago Vetro.

Zignago Vetro produces a wide range of container glass, from Blow and Blow process, to Wide mouth and some NNPB, as well as cosmetic and perfumery items.

It has glass plants located in Italy, France and Poland and even their own Company for Mould Making.

As part of our tradition in these trainings, we invite the attendees to bring real case scenarios to challenge Empak's PAKForming Simulator and this time was no exception.

Concepts like glass properties, IS timing and even the impact of glass conditioning, gob temperature and delivery system in order to develop the building blocks for a successful mould design were widely discussed.

Our deep thanks to Zignago and their continuos interested in attending our Product Development and Mould Design Trainings, year after year!

It was very exciting to see a new generation of Product Developers in Container Glass Industry, with ages below 30 with quite an enthusiam and already a quite good set of skills!


All Empakglass Team!

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These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry and industries that also contact with glass as a packaging material.


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