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Empak's concept of Mouldshop on new GreenField Project

As part of Empakglass's support on a Greenfield Project for a particular client, we have developed a new Mouldshop Layout.

This is a part of the business, for which Empak isn't so well known, but definitely something we have been doing already for several years, from furnaces until the mouldshops.

The idea here is to have the best possible workflow in between bench and conventional lathes, as well as for a dedicated and climatized CNC room, with proper anti-vibration floor, keeping as much natural light as possible entering the space. Adjacent to the mouldshop, will stay the mould warehouse.

Also, one particular room in the installation will be dedicated to Mould Quality Checkups and statistical analysis, correlating results in between mould dimensions/volumes and the actual glass containers being produced.

As we consider that information is paramount, even in the Mouldshop, there will be an LCD screen stating the on time efficiencies, to demonstrate that also the work that is made here as got a direct impact on the glass plant production results!

Would you like to know more?

Contact directly the local office of Empakglass in Bulgaria or our HQ in Portugal:

Phone: +359 898803090 (Bulgaria) or +351 218079529

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Hélder Remédios & Yordan Kamenov Management Team, Empakglass – Performance Solutions & Empak Bulgaria Ltd


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