Empakglass now provides glass analysis services

Empakglass is pleased to announce that has extended its range of services namely in Glass Defect analysis and Glass Composition determination.

By adding this new service, which allow a comprehensive knowledge in sample analysis and complemented with glass container process specific know-how from Empakglass, we are able to provide even more custom technical solutions to our clients.

In these facilities the following services are provided:

SEM (scanning electron microscope) • Secondary electron imaging; • Backscattered electron imaging; • Standardless elemental analysis including X-ray mapping; • Electron-backscattered diffraction; • Particle counting and sizing; • Image analysis; • Specialized sample preparation;

TEM (transmission electron microscope) • Bright-field imaging; • Dark-field imaging; • Phase identification by electron diffraction; • Particle counting and sizing; • Electron tomography; • Elemental analysis; • Specialized sample preparation;

The equipment in these facilities includes:

•Analytical TEM with EDS detector and digital image acquisition; •Analytical FEG-SEM with both EDS detector and EBSD; •Analytical SEM with Bruker light elements EDS detector; •Ion Mill; •Dimpler; •Electroerosion; • Polaron: sputter coater and evaporator (Au/Pd,Cr,C); •Optical microscope;

Our technical expertise allows for the evaluation of glass defects for severity, composition, and root causes, particularly in the analysis and interpretation of stone and cord. Precise and fast glass analyses are a critical factor in resolving batch upset, meeting compositional requirements, assessing composition changes, or meeting customer requirements.

Each report issued by Empakglass will have an analysis with microscopic identification of the solid inclusions in the glass and an estimation of the potential origin of the defects. Our technical staff will discuss your requirements to ensure that all elements of concern are included in the analysis.

The estimated delivery time for a full analysis report is 1-2 weeks after sample reception.

If you are interested to know more about this matter, please contact us through our website at: www.empakglass.com

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