2018 Open training workshops - by Empakglass

"In EmpakGlass we believe knowledge only has value, if used and shared"

EmpakGlass has conducted this March another of its Product Development & Mould Design Open Training Workshops, kicking off with the 2018 Season.

This year, Empak introduced a new approach to the seminars....

In a time where Glass People are becoming more and more dependent on technology, we wanted to make a twist. So, all the trainees and Empak team had the challenge of working glass as artisans in a glass studio.

Under the very thorough Supervision and Mastership of Robert Wiley, from Vicarte - "Glass and Ceramic for the Arts” Research Unit, in UNINOVA Campus, everyone had the chance to contact in first hand with the effects of glass properties and its impact on workability, reheat, contact time and cooling time..... and still create a glass art piece to take back home.

Would you like to know more? If you need more detailed information on the fees, dates and target audience, you can contact us through our Chat line.

If you want to know more about the content of the trainings, follow thelink:
Open Trainings content

We also develop customized Workshops according to your needs and requirements.

Remember... these are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, from the glass packaging industry.

Our experience so far, have taught us how much these event have been appreciated by all our attendees, since it gives the opportunity to exchange experiences within people from different glass container plants within the same (or related) field of work and even from different backgrounds, like glass fillers and glass producers.

The 2018 Open Training Workshops edition, will be held in Lisbon.

In the following weeks, we will start posting all the options that we will have available for our Workshops along 2018.

What better place than Lisbon to provide you with perfect relax after an intensive business day! We look forward to welcoming you again in Lisbon!

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