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Empak/Emhart Webinar with DURAN®

After returning from Fevisa, Mexicali, still in February, Empak and Emhart held another Product Development & Mould Design Training (PDMDT), this time in our Webinar format.

This time, the client to request our webinar format, was DURAN®.

DURAN® is dedicated in producing laboratory glassware made from borosilicate glass 3.3.

This glass is well known for its chemical resistance and inert behavior, minimal thermal expansion and the resulting high resistance to thermal shock. It also conforms to the requirements of Type 1 neutral glass suitable for pharmaceutical applications.

This training, in particular was quite interesting as it was the first time that this training was around a non classic soda-lime glass.

It was delightful to share different insights and to come (once again), to the conclusion that glass properties, glass temperature and viscosities, have a dramatic influence on how IS production settings are made, as well as for tolerances and clearances!

Once again, we focused on a holistic approach, ranging from glass properties, IS timing and even the impact of glass conditioning, gob temperature and delivery system in order to develop the building blocks for a successful mould design.

As part of our tradition in these trainings, we invite the attendees to bring real case scenarios to challenge Empak's PAKForming Simulator and this time was no exception.

Our deep thanks to the participants from DURAN® who brought a lot of interest and discussion onto the subjects, something that truly makes Product Development and Mould Design such an important aspect on the Supply Chain of Container Glass Industry.

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These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry and industries that also contact with glass as a packaging material.

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Hélder Remédios & Yordan Kamenov Management Team, Empakglass – Performance Solutions & Empak Bulgaria Ltd


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