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Empak Portugal and Empak Bulgaria perform combined training

Empak Portugal and Empak Bulgaria has recently finished another successful assignment, now in Saudi Arabia.

Using the holistic approach of Empak's Concept+ on Glass Container Production, we were challenged to provide a combined training on IS Production, Mould Design and Mouldshop maintenance.

During this training we had attendees ranging from:

  • IS Production;

  • Mould Design;

  • Mouldshop;

Starting from glass conditioning and glass properties, IS timing and setting a proper gob delivery as the baseline for the mould design rules enabled all attendees to better understands the interactions, contraints and assumptions that both the Mould Design and the IS Departments need to face daily.

As part of our tradition in these trainings, we invite the attendees to bring real case scenarios to challenge Empak's PAKForming Simulator and this time was no exception.

As usual, staying in a classroom isn't enough and we are eager to get our hands dirty!

As part of the set of skills of our Concept+ Team we even supported a color change from Emerald Green to Amber!

Our deep thanks to the participants which provided a huge level of passion and interest onto the subjects, something that truly makes Product Development and Mould Design such an important aspect on the Supply Chain of Container Glass Industry.

And also for their great Hospitality and lunch periods which were an absolute delight!

We are looking forward to be challenged and continue to help finding solutions!

Would you like to know more?

If you need more detailed information on the fees, dates and target audience, contact Empakglass through: or

These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry and industries that also contact with glass as a packaging material.

Or in alternative,

Contact directly the local office of Empakglass in Bulgaria or our HQ in Portugal:

Phone: +359 893 914 876 (Bulgaria-Plovdiv)

Phone: +351 218 079 529 (Portugal-Lisbon)


Hélder Remédios & Yordan Kamenov Management Team, Empakglass – Performance Solutions & Empak Bulgaria Ltd

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