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IS Production & Mould Design training at Encirc, Chester

October was once again time for an onsite assignment. This time, we were invited by Encirc to have an IS Production & Mould Design training for IS specialists.

Having as background the lovely City of Chester, two generations of IS production specialists from Encirc discussed passionately on the interactions and requirements of bottle making. Also to be able to speak with someone that actually operated a drum IS machine, like Joe MacIntyre!

Using the holistic approach of Empak's Concept+ on its usual roadmap starting from the glass and its properties, then glass conditioning, proper gob loading and IS timing combined with a good mould design, several simulations were demonstrated in BB, WMPB and NNPB. This enables to start productions on a better starting point, reduce defects and ultimately reduce the time to market.

Our deep thanks to the participants which provided a huge level of passion and interest onto the subjects, something that truly makes Product Development, Mould Design and IS Production such an important aspect on the Supply Chain of Container Glass Industry.

We are looking forward to be challenged and continue to help finding solutions!

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These are seminars developed by professionals to professionals, on the glass packaging industry and industries that also contact with glass as a packaging material.

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Hélder Remédios & Yordan Kamenov Management Team, Empakglass – Performance Solutions & Empak Bulgaria Ltd

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